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This is the website for Python for Data Science, a book heavily inspired by the excellent R for Data Science (2e). This book will teach you how to load up, transform, visualise, and begin to understand your data. The book aims to give you the skills you need to code for data science. It’s suitable for people who have some familiarity with the ideas behind programming and coding but who don’t yet know how to do data science.

This book teaches you how to do data science using one of the world’s most popular programming languages, Python. While Python is a general purpose language, which means it is used for a wide range of tasks, it is also the most widely used language for data science (although note that both SQL and R are also used for data science).

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Contributors to Python4DS#

Contributing is very much encouraged. If you’re looking for content to implement or tweak, we aim to broadly follow the structure and content of R for Data Science (2e) and you can find open issues here. For larger contributions of content, it’s probably best to check with other contributors first.

We thank the following contributors: